Services Information Data Knowledge

Appellation of the team
S: Services
I: Information
D: Data
K: Knowledge
Services for Information, Data and Knowledge
2-Composition of the team

Chikh Azeddine
Mahfoud Houari
Elyebdri Zeyneb
Iles Nawel
Kara Terki Hadjira
Khitri Souad
Matallah Houcine
Midouni Djallal
Tadlaoui Mohammed

In the new information processing contexts, digital data has often become:


    Not or partially structured


    Distributed / distributed

    Created in a continuous and rapid flow

It has become imperative to have new models of:








    Interpretation of data,

That are appropriate to these specificities.

Lines of research:
1-Use of:
-the theory of information systems,
- the engineering of documents
- advanced database technology
- the technology of semi-structured data in order to make this data dynamic, perennial and evolutionary
2-Using Multimedia Technology to Support Data Diversity: Multimedia Data
3-Use of:
- Knowledge engineering
-Ontological engineering
-the semantic web
-Metadata schemes
To make these semantic and contextual data;
4-Access to these data using techniques from both domains:
IR (Information Retrieval)
RS (Recommend Systems)
5-Storage of this data in warehouses (Data warehouse) for decision analysis
6-Exchange around these data in the context of
-CoPs (Communities of Practice)
-SN (Social networks)
And analysis of these exchanges using the techniques of:
SNA (Social Network Analysis)
7-Support for large masses of data in Big Data and Cloud Computing environments
8-Ensures Privacy, Integrity, and Data Availability (CIA: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)

8-Use of the "Web Services" technology and the "SOA" architecture for the different solutions proposed.